Creature Halloween Package Winners!

Last week during Halloween weekend we started a raffle for a chance to win one of two hefty Creature Packages (courtesy of Creature). We drew the tickets and we have two lucky winners…

Congratulations to Nico Catalano and Nate Sweeters! Pick up your packages and get your shred on! Thanks to Creature for providing the goods and thanks to everyone for participating and hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list to learn about all the upcoming sales, contests, and events in the future!

Creature Halloween Raffle 2010

Don’t Forget to Enter!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN LURKERS!!! fill out a card for a chance to win a CREATURE PACKAGE!!! there is 2 packages, we will announce the winners tomorrow NOV. 1st. thanks for all the support lurkers

Creature Halloween Raffle 2010

SBK Bayonets Portland Trip 2010 Video

The SBK Bayonets krew took a two car road trip to Portland this year. We stayed for 7 days and skated the amazing street and parks. Additional footage not in this video will be used in our filmers’, Mikey Oates-Kealey and Jared Nelson’s upcoming video Hungover-it

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Save Derek’s Face Benefit Event Fri 10/9/10 4-2pm

Come out and support the fund raising event for a special urgent medical procedure for Derek Browy. He’s a local ripper from Monterey and has recently been diagnosed with a life threatening infection in his face. Come out, have a good time, and save Derek’s face! Music, Food, and a raffle sponsored by Bill’s Wheels, The Berrics, Lowcard Mag, Fresh Clothing, Liquid Surf Shop and many more! Win some stuff!

Save Derek Browy's Face Benefit Event

Enter to Win a Halloween Creature Package!

Come in to Bill’s (SC or Salinas) during open hours Oct. 29-31 this weekend and enter (Free) to win a huge Creature Package which includes the new limited edition “Hitz Hard Corpse” Deck and a ton of other creature stuff! 2 Packages will be raffled off courtesy of Creature. Winners will be announced on the following Mon. Nov 1st. Get Suited for this Halloween!

Creature Halloween Raffle 2010

Get a FREE Bill’s Shirt on Halloween!

1st 15 people who come into Bill’s Wheels on Halloween Sun Oct. 31, 2010 and mention this promo get a FREE Bill’s T-shirt! VALID ONLY AT THE SANTA CRUZ STORE!

BWS Halloween T-shirt Give-a-away Oct 31, 2010 (Santa Cruz Store Only!)

New AWS & Habitat Decks

New Alien Workshop and Habitat Decks are in at the SC shop! Get some bruuutheerrrr!

New Alien Workshop Decks In

New Habitat Decks in!

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