Manny heads south

Manny Heads South

“Over all the trip to Brazil and Argentina was amazing and Bills Wheels was felt everywhere I went as it was written. Never forget your roots and Bills is my roots! Big ups and mad love to the skateboard familia here, there, and everywhere! Patina Y Destruyo!
#santacruzporvida on insta…..yeee!!! its good to be home!”- Emannuel Guzman

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1st Annual Slappy-Q



Saturday March 22nd we busted out the Webers for a Q, and skated the curbs. It was a really good vide, with really good people. Thanks to everyone who came out and slappied like it was 1988. Thanks to Vans, Creature, Santa Cruz, Spitfire, and Emerica for the flow.

P-Stone 2013 Cookie: Santa Cruz’n Video

P-Stone 2013 Cookie: Santa Cruz'n

P-Stone starts out his holiday cheer with some clips of the Santa Cruz bros—Salut! Bill’s Wheels team riders Emmamuel Guzman, Mikey Curtis, and Scotty Watson killing all the S.C. spots.

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