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Video is now available at both the Santa Cruz and Salinas Bill’s Wheels locations. If you aren’t in the area, the video is now available for purchase online and shipped to your front door for $9.99 (+shipping & tax).



Watch Seth Faulkner’s and Calvin Luu’s Part here! BUY THE VIDEO to see the rest!


About the Video:
A skatevideo sponsored by Bill’s Wheels Skateshop. Straight outta Salinas, CA. featuring Bill Wheels team riders and friends from all over Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz County, and SF bay area.

Three plus years in the making. From stolen computers, broken cameras, road trips, drunken escapades, hazy nights, and sometimes skateboarding or filming when we aren’t too hungover-it. Crack open a road soda and enjoy the ride.

Video Featuring:
Andrew Nelson, Seth Faulkner, Calvin Luu, Jared Fiorovich, Sean Schiveley, Jeremy Boucher, Johnny Voskuyl, Nathan Knox Forson, Zarosh Eggleston, Henry Hughes, Joe Zavala, Nate Sweeters, Sam May, Jesse Santoyo and more! (Approx. hangover time: 60 min.)

Directed by:
Jared Nelson & Mike Oates Kealey

Johnny Voskuyl shredding (photo: Luu)

Jared Fiorovich – 180 over rail into bank (photo: Luu)

Jeremy Boucher – Ollie (photo: Luu)

Knox Forson – tall front nose in sf (photo: Luu)

Jared Fiorovich – krook pole jam over shopping cart (photo: Luu)

Andrew Nelson – tall krook in the city (photo: Luu)

Andrew Nelson isn’t the one getting buck in this picture. Wallie. Mike Oates Kealey, Joe Zavala, Knox Forson.

Calvin Luu – frontboard in SC (photo: Barking Wheels)

Josh Paz – nosegrind (photo: Barking Wheels)

Nick Hickland – backtail stall (photo: Barking Wheels)

Zarosh Eggleston – Dirtboarding in Cachagua (photo: Barking Wheels)

Zarosh Eggleston – long exposure ripping the whole bowl (photo: Barking Wheels)