New Photos of Cachagua Land from Zarosh

Zarosh sent in some photo updates of Cachagualand and he needs your help!

Cachagualand Tedder Blocks
“Just got a shipment of Tedder Stone pool blocks for the deep end, they’re a small skater owned company in Oregon, super stoked…”

Cachagua Land 02
“Shits going to be real boo yah when we get the flatbottom poured”

Cachagua Land 03
“I just ask that people make a donation and I’ll send them what they want :)” -Zarosh

Cachagua Sweatshirt
The next pour is coming up real soon. Donate some money and he’ll send you something you want. Cachagua Land sweatshirts, long-sleeves, or tees! Visit to learn more and donate!