P-Stone 2013 Cookie: Santa Cruz’n Video

P-Stone starts out his holiday cheer with some clips of the Santa Cruz bros—Salut! Bill’s Wheels team riders Emmamuel Guzman, Mikey Curtis, and Scotty Watson killing all the S.C. spots.

Bill’s Wheels Video Wreck Webisode #2

The second webisode from Bill’s Wheels Skateshop featuring Derby skatepark. Skating by Nathan “Knox” Forson, Scott Swillivision, Jared Max Fiorovich, Scotty Watson, Nick Konso, Matt Contreras, plus more. Video/Editing

Scotty Watson – Ollie

Scotty Watson on the other side of the lens with a big ollie.

Scotty Watson - Santa Cruz High - Ollie

Scotty Watson - Santa Cruz High - Ollie